Kitchen Reno Diary 3 {Before and After}

After more than 3 months of having takeout dinners, and cooking breakfast in a little corner of our basement, I'm proud to announce that we finished our kitchen renovation! No words can describe how happy we are! We no longer need to live in a dusty environment and limit our activities on the 2nd floor! Truth be told, our house is over 2000 sq ft. So, even though our ground floor was unusable, we still have plenty of living space.

Let me remind you how our old kitchen looks like and our renovation progress.

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#HosGoGlobal to Europe {Santorini}

Alas, I arrived to my most anticipated destination of this #HosGoGlobal 10-day journey, Santorini! Woohoo!!! Friends who have been there told me how beautiful this island is and how picturesque it is to see whitewashed houses layering over the hills. So I'm so excited that I get to confirm these myths myself despite that it was only a one-day visit with my family.

Location: Santorini, Santorini, Greece
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{Outfit of the Day} Spring Outfit in Full Bloom

The weather is finally warmer here in Toronto and we are already half way through April. It's crazy. My spring outfits are dying to come out of the closet. Time to say bye bye to winter coats and long boots and say hello to skirts and high heels!

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{What's for Breakfast?} Simple and Easy Nutella Breakfast Wrap

Lately, I always find myself out of time to make breakfast. I used to make eggs, toast and ham with lemon water. But recently, I don't even make them anymore. I just don't have time! I have to multitask by throwing a piece of bread into the oven while I dress up for work. Once it's ready, I just spread my favourite Nutella and bring along with me to work. Since my workplace has a fruit station, I'll also take an apple to go with my Nutella toast. Quick and easy.

But even though I may not have the time before work to make any fancy breakfast, it doesn't have to be boring, right? Breakfast is the most important part of the day so it's time to change my breakfast a bit. This breakfast takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare. It's simple, easy and delicious!

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#HosGoGlobal Celebrity Cruisin' Europe

#HosGoGlobal Celebrity Crusin' Europe

My dream came true when I finally get to travel to Europe with my family. I missed the opportunity few years ago because one of my besties asked me to be her maid of honour for her wedding. After my grandmother passed away, my family and my extended family decided that we'd travel together and make it a tradition every year. And Europe was our first destination.

Location: Rome, Italy
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{Outfit of the Day} That Little Black Dress

When I don't want to spend time picking what to wear to a dinner, I'd go for a black dress. It's a must-have and a fail proof basic that looks good on everyone.

One of my favourite black dresses is this open-back one-piece sleeveless dress. The top forms a roomy silhouette with extra chiffon to create some sort of wings underneath your arms. The fitted bottom helps to elongate the body and bring out the femininity in you.

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Kitchen Reno Diary 2 {Inspiration Board}

{Photo Source:}
Last week, I shared our dated kitchen and floor plan of our home. So for this week, I'm going to share my inspiration board for this reno project! I was actually pretty excited as I was doing my research and got a lot of ideas on how we could renovate the house. I mean, come on, this was our first huge renovation project after living here for more than twenty years!

If you've missed my post, be sure to go check it out. The kitchen is awful right? I know. That's why I'm not recapturing them here again. Our plan is to open up the kitchen space so that we can look over the family room and watch the TV while cooking. We also want to brighten up the space because the walls are blocking the natural lights from coming in. That means, possibly taking down the wall and replacing the lighting fixtures. I’d like to keep the kitchen white and dreamy with hardwood cabinetry instead of the current melamine material. We also didn’t like having hardwood flooring in the kitchen area. It was just not practical for our day-to-day use. Oh and how about putting a big island in the middle?

This is how we I want our kitchen to look like. 

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Our Fun Adventures in Punta Cana {with Travelling Tips!}

I was super excited when Will told me he's going to take me on a trip for my birthday and I get to pick the destination. Since we were planning to buy a house together, I didn't want him us to break the bank for this vacation. So, we decided we'll do an all-inclusive down to Punta Cana, Dominican.

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