I'm a piece of Sushi! {Halloween Costume DIY}

I'm a piece of Sushi! Halloween Costume DIY

I'm usually the only one in my department who dress up for Halloween at work, so I always opt for an easy way out by deciding my costume based on items I already have in my closet. This year, however, with an official email sent out informing everyone that there will be prizes for the best costume and best desk decoration, it looks like there's a need to put in extra thought and effort to my costume compared to previous years.

I don't know where I got this idea from but I decided to dress up as a piece of sushi. Everyone loves sushis and so do I! It just seems fitting for a self-proclaimed foodie like me. It not only matches my style but is also more fun than dressing up as the usual Halloween characters.

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{Bubble Soccer} Because Normal Soccer Is too boring

{Bubble Soccer} Because normal soccer is too boring
I consider myself as the adventurous type, to a certain extent. Not only do I like to explore new cuisines, but I often find myself participating and getting really excited about all sorts of new activities. Lately, I've tried Bubble Soccer.

You probably wonder what the heck is Bubble Soccer... Do you run around kicking the ball while blowing bubbles with a bottle of solution? Nope! In fact, you put your body inside this giant inflatable bubble with only the legs outside so you can still run around and kick the ball.

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Trick or Cake Pops for Halloween?

Trick or Cake Pops for Halloween?
Halloween is just a few weeks away! Besides dressing up for Halloween, which I normally would (see posts here), I realize I have never made any food or desserts in this theme. Perhaps, because I always think of them as being creepy and gory which is completely against my philosophy for food. My food needs to look appetizing at the very least (that also means they may or may not taste well, just saying).

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{Outfit of the Day} Beautiful Tulle

I am not sure about you, but I've always loved tulle dresses. It is so whimsical looking that you almost only see fairy tale princesses wearing them. Okay, maybe the bride too. But what I mean is you don't normally see this fabric worn as everyday wear so I often find it a bit tricky to style them.

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{Playing with Food} Domo-Kun Toast

{Playing with Food} Domo Kun Toast

For those who do not know, Domo-Kun is a mascot of Japan's public broadcaster NHK, usually shown in a short stop-motion animation. This cute little guy is a small brown open-mouthed monster who lives with a wise old rabbit underground. He also really likes TV.

Every morning I look at this bread, it reminds me of Domo-Kun so I just have to bring it to life.

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