{Outfit of the Day} Wine Red Deep V Peplum Dress

Spring has finally sprung in Toronto but the weather is still fairly unpredictable alternating between warm and cold every other day. I found this lovely peplum dress during my trip in Hong Kong (see post here) and was immediately attracted by the peplum top as soon as I saw it in display. Then, I realized it is actually a full dress with an interesting elastic back and tweed skirt. I was devastated when my size was sold out and it was a bit loose for me to fit in the medium. The sales lady told me to come back next week to see if there's a restock for my size. But I was only in Hong Kong for 2 weeks! I checked with them almost everyday and was disappointed that they don't know for sure when they would have a restock for this dress. With my heart broken, I came back to Toronto but found the exact same dress online! As I screamed out loud in joy, I purchased the dress in 0.09 seconds. Alleiluia!

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{Outfit of the day} Polka dots and Sheer

Kate Spade Primrose Hill Little Kaelin shoulder bag

I picked up this polka dot top during my recent visit to Hong Kong (see post here). It is a cute top made in Korea with a sheer sweet heart neckline and bell sleeves that goes well with a simple straight line bottom to amplify the lavishness at the top. It seems like the current fashion trend in Hong Kong has now been heavily influenced by Koreans. You hear words emphasizing garments were either imported from or made in Korea while shopping around the city. Whether my top is actually from Korea or not, I like to mix and match with styles and brands across the globe for a diverse look. So, I paired with my Betsey Johnson suede heels that also coincidentally have a matching sweet heart shape.

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Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

April is finally here. I can almost smell the wedding seasons getting near. So I want to share this wedding cake gift box tutorial with anyone who might be looking for some DIY ideas. This is a gift that I made for my friend a long time ago. It was meant to be a gift box at her wedding reception and a jewelry box to keep after getting married. The tier part of the cake acts as the lid. The tag on the cake is reversible with one side that says the name of the couple and the other side, "happily ever after". The materials are also very simple and can easily be found at home or craft stores. It is a low cost wedding cake that you can actually keep forever. 

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{Outfit of the Day} Detail Beaded Peplum

I don't really believe in love at first sight but when I do, it's in fashion (check out my other love at first sight moment with Marc Jacobs here). I had this romantic attraction when a sales lady showed me this unique peplum top when I was shopping in Hong Kong. I quickly fell in love with it before I even try it on. The amount of details of this top has pushed my affection to the next level. And I was sold immediately without knowing what's behind the price tag (luckily it wasn't expensive. Score!).

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April Fool's Day Breakfast

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! 

I made some breakfast in the theme of April Fool's. Pranks are not my thing because a lot of the times, the ideas are either too gross or inappropriate to pull on someone. So I decided to just add a little humour to the usual toast, ham, bacon and sunny side up eggs. 

Hope you guys had fun today!

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