{Outfit of the Day} Stripes and Peplum

I seriously have a love for stripes, whether they are vertical, horizontal or diagonal. However, I'm also aware that a lot of people share the same affection as me so the pattern becomes quite common on apparel. I adore this peplum strip pencil skirt. The tiered peplum extends the pattern in an irregular way which makes the piece far more interesting. I found out I like subtle design change that makes a plain piece unique, such as the ruffled sleeves on my top, the cute bows on my shoes, the side zippers on my clutch and the asymmetrical design of the necklace.

{Outfit of the Day} Stripes and Peplum
{Outfit of the Day} Stripes and Peplum

{Outfit of the Day} Stripes and Peplum
{Outfit of the Day} Stripes and Peplum

{Outfit Overview}
Top (Asos) | Skirt (Boohoo) | Shoes (Zara) | Necklace | Clutch (old)

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Gimmicky Food for the Win! {TO Food Fest}

I came back again for more great eats after my first visit at the TO Food Fest last year. Like previous years, the event brings together aspiring chefs, local hidden gems and top reviewed restaurants in Toronto. Just when I thought this year's is going to excel last year's to bring in a more diverse culinary experience, the high level of creativity is what attracts the crowd and excites my taste buds.

Here is a list of the food I've tried at the TO Food Fest this summer.

{Empanadas - baked pastry stuffed with a choice of beef, chicken, pork or veggies - $3} 
The empanada is a bit plain and to the dry side, the dipping sauce saves this dish from being ordinary compared to others in the food scene. 

{Island Oyster set, incuding Kusshi, Il De Magalen, Little Neck Clams - $5}

{Bulgogi beef fried rice ball and Pork belly fried rice ball from Me.n.u- $6} 

I finally get to try these fried rice balls from Me.n.u this year. I remember the line up for these are huge last year and their rice balls were all sold out by 3 o'clock. These asian inspired rice balls are handmade and deep fried with mozzarella cheese, veggies and your choice of asian meat inside.

{Pineapple bao with spicy mayo, shallots, cucumbers, mango slaw, beef brisket, and hoisin from Baos & Buns- $5}

One of the my favourites this year! This sandwich is loaded with toppings and you can choose between mexican bun or pineapple bao, beef brisket or grilled chicken. It not only has an interesting and tasteful combination but it is also one of the best bang for your buck. I just wish they'd toast the bun...

{Hawaiian BBQ pork and chicken skewers by Liko's Hawaiian Barbecue - $5}

These barbecue skewers are marinated in their Hawaiian barbecue marinade and cooked on flaming coals so they have that awesome smokey flavour.

{Crispy chicken skewer with the option of spicy mayo, sweet chili or nanban from Gushi Japanese Street Food}
Gushi chicken has one of the longest line ups at the event this year. It is not surprising to understand why because these skewers are soaked in their special garlic sauce before they are fried to perfection, leaving the outside extra crispy and the inside very juicy.

{Liquid nitrogen fresh berries ice cream by Ice Volcano Ice Cream - $5}

Ice creams are no doubt one of the most popular items in any summer festival and Ice Volcano Ice Cream has taken their desserts to the next level by combining simple chemistry reaction with cream, sugar and liquid nitrogen. Part of the hype of these ice cream is that they are made on-site before your eyes in under a minute. How the ice cream is presented in front of you with the smokey effect and LED lights is also what attracts the crowd with the cameras.  

Other honourable food mentions that day:

{By MeatVentures}

{Bacon creme brulee by MeatVentures}

{Cheesy Mac, Wonton bomb and Yaya wing stuffed wings by Stuffed & Co.}

{Assorted buns by Hot Bunzz}

{Sate babi, babi on a bun, Perkedel, Mie Kuah Kacang and Rissoles by Babi and co}

{Dutch Fries and poutine by Dutch Frites}

There are certainly a lot more food at the event I wanted to try but judging by the line ups, the popularity seem to lean on those that have an unique twist and creativity. I really hope that TO Food Fest will continue to grow and bring in more food lovers and culinary talents every year. 

Happy eating!

Location: 5183 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough, ON M1B 5Z5, Canada
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{Outfit of the Day} for the Blue Jays game

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of baseball and I don't really follow the sport or our team as closely as my boyfriend. But, when he decided to bring me to the game one day, I decided I'd show some support in my own way.

Here was my outfit of the game. Go Blue Jays Go!

I borrowed a Blue Jays t-shirt from the boyfriend and since the size is a bit too big on me, I had to roll up the sleeves and tied up the bottom in a knot for a cropped top. As I was going for a sporty look, what's better than wearing a versatile pair of denim shorts? I also didn't want to reveal too much skin to the game (even though it was super hot!), I decided to wear my hip hop looking boots I bought when I was still in University. I'm glad I had a perfect occasion to wear them again because these shoes are so hard to take off. Somethings are just for the look.

{Guess who got the ball that night?}

{Outfit Overview} 
Blue Jays shirt (borrowed from boyfriend)
Denim shorts (Forever 21)
Cardigan (Uniqlo, old)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Tote
Boots (Adidas x Missy Elliot, old)
Blue Jays New Era 59Fifty Cap (Lids)
Sunglasses (Coach)
Bangles (Kate Spade)
Baseball glove (borrowed from boyfriend's nephew)
Check out my outfit diaries here.

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Forever After Book Cookies

I was delighted to take part in making some cookies for a bachelorette party held at Ben Mcnally Books store recently. The entire party was based on the notion that the bride-to-be loves reading books on her leisure time. So I made the cookies around the theme as party favours. The design was an open book with the initials of the couple and a story telling-esque phrase "forever after". The sugar cookie acts as the binding of a book, whereas the white fondant on top resembles the pages (duh). Originally, I wanted the cookie to read, "happily ever after" as how classic fairy tale stories usually puts it, but the words are too long to fit nicely in one line across the two pages so I had to settle for a shortened version. Still works, I think.

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Happy Easter Nails

I painted my nails for Easter this year as part of my tradition of doing something festive for the occasion. Check out my previous Easter posts. I used nail stickers that I bought a century ago from Hong Kong. I never gotten the chance to use it until now. The colour and style seem to fit perfectly with the theme. So yay!

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