Felt Rose Ring { Tutorial }

{DIY: Felt Rose Ring Tutorial}

I love to DIY and I love arts and crafts. I made a lot of things myself and for friends as gifts, especially accessories. This felt rose ring was a project that I did few years back and was my first time doing a ring using felt. It was originally based on a ring that a friend purchased elsewhere and I thought I could pay for less and make my own. So I experimented it myself at home. I am happy the way it turned out, quite versatile as I can make it as a brooch, earrings or a headpiece.

Here are the process:

{ You will need: -Felt or other fabric (I chose indigo blue) -Scissors -Ring band -Needle -Matching colour thread }

{ Cut out as much pedals as you wish. I used 11 pedals. You can cut more to make your rose to have more volume. My pedal size is within 1 inch x 1 inch. }

{ Take a pedal and put a string at the tip of the pedal (the side that is narrower) as show in the picture }

{ Pull the string tight so that you create a shape like this. Tie a knot to keep the shape. Repeat these steps for the rest of the pedals }

{ You should have something like this }

{ Take four of them and sew them together. Tips: One pedal should overlap the other (like a fan) }

{ You should have something like this after sewing the 4. }

{ Repeat another set of 4 and a set of 2. Keeping one pedal remaining. }

Now, stack the 3 sets together and sew. You should have 2 sets of four's and 1 set of two's. Make sure the set of two's is at the top. Tips: Distribute the pedals evenly}

{ Now mold the two pedals in the center and squeeze a bit inwards and secure with thread. }

{ Use the remaining pedal and roll the tip to something like this and secure with thread. This will be used as the center pedal. }

{ Fit the pedal into the center and sew in place. Tips: you might need to trim the center pedal a bit if it appears to be taller than the rest of the pedals. }

{ Cut out the same size circle as the ring blank from the felt. }

{ Sew the circle to the bottom of the rose. }

{ You should have something like this. Now glue the circle onto the ring band circle area. }

{ Ta la~ You're done! }

{ I love statement rings }

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7 Responses to Felt Rose Ring { Tutorial }

  1. That is really cute! Thanks for sharing, I will definately be making some!

  2. Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing your version :)

  3. i really like this ring,a really quick project to do

  4. i really like this ring!!!!!

  5. Hello,Lorita, I love this felt rose ring tut:)
    Can i reproduce and post on another site? please rest assured that i will link it back and label your name if you allow me? sincerely ask for your permission!

    1. Hi Zhang Liang,
      Glad to hear you like the tutorial. Yes, feel free to link back, I'd love to check out the other site too. And thanks for asking. I really appreciate it. :)


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