Scenic Caves & Wasaga Outing

July 21, 2009

During weekend, I went to the Scenic Caves . It took about two hours drive away but with the beautiful environment and fresh air, it didn't matter that much. We visited the longest suspension bridge in Ontario and a variety of natural caves, the most profound one is called Fat Man's Misery Cave (a little bit intimidating when I first heard about the name). Fortunately, I am not too fat and I did not get stuck. Whew~

In the evening, we went to the nearby Wild Wings and ordered my favorite chicken wings. We ordered about a hundred pieces with five flavours, including "Angels on the Moon", BBQ Sauce and the Blue Cheese.  On our way back, we passed by Wasaga Beach, but it was a bit late, very chilly too, so we did not stay for long. Cycling along the the beach was so gratifying especially we also bought two super cute hats and super cheap ice cream cones! $2 for three large scoops!!! What a win!

On Ontario's Longest Suspension Bridge

Surfing on playground

Entering the Fat Man's Misery Cave

Thank God, I'm not fat.


Can't leave without a strawberry cheesecake ice cream

{ Scenic Caves }
260 Scenic Caves Road  Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z2
(705) 444-8230

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  1. must have lots fun =D good good~


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