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Hi there, I’m Lorita. Welcome to my blog! I consider myself a girl with many hats. I design, draw, blog, sew, stitch, photograph, tweet, bake, cook, make and love all kinds of pretty things. I am THAT girl who likes to take pictures of her food and share them on a blog and Instagram (that’s just my way of appreciating all the goodies!). I started out as a graphic designer and run a small business of homemade baked goods on the side. I believe pretty things don’t necessarily have to come with an expensive price tag or brand names, which is why I love making things myself. I like to repurpose and create new things out of inexpensive items or things already found at home. I think life is full of possibilities, and we can all take inspirations from the things around us and create things that are special and meaningful.

I first started this blog as an online diary in 2007. I’ve been keeping a journal of my daily life since I was a child, and I still enjoy documenting all the bits and pieces of my life in words and pictures to this very day. As I grow older, my blog is becoming a platform for me to document and share things that I found creative, imaginative and amusing in our daily lives. I'm hoping to share these through my personal style, travel adventures, food excursions, kitchen experiments, and DIYs.

Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, my fiancé, Will, and I are planning our wedding for this August at a golf club. Aside from the crazy wedding planning, we are also tackling a lot of home improvements ourselves and making our house a home. Be sure to watch for all our wedding DIYs and home improvements here on my blog!

Thank you for visiting!

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About Me

About [span]me[/span]
Hello, my name is Lorita. This is a journal of my personal style, travel adventures, food excursions, recipe experiments, DIY tutorials and every little thing in life.